Friday, December 21, 2007

There is a chat room

The people who write these blog posts are all members of a real-time chat group who meet during the trading day. The chat room is generally by invitation, but for the 24th, after the market hours we'll have an open house chat. We'll have the trivia-bot up and running too. Everyone is welcome, but be advised, trouble makers won't last long.

We're on the IRC system, or Internet Relay Chat, using the Othernet. The room name is #postoftheday. That should be enough information for many of you to find us. The URL is; irc://

For those of you not familiar with the IRC, you'll need a bit of software in order to connect with us. The most common program is mIRC and can be downloaded from Once you've installed that you can find your way to us by going to Tools/Options/Connect/Servers, and select "random othernet server" from the list of servers. Connection time can take up to a minute, but once connected type in "/join #postoftheday", and you're there!

Firefox users can use the Chatzilla add-on. With that installed you'll have to issue the command "/attach", and again once connected to the othernet type in "/join #postoftheday".

I hope to see you there.


pythagoruz said...

Sounds good, i'll be there.

eh said...

Might be nice to try this again sometime - was not available for this one.

indigo-alien said...

If you're a regular daytrader, you would still be welcome in chat.

pythagoruz said...

We also have people of other styles, specifically a few really great swing traders are in there. Its not necissary that you daytrade but everyone in the channel needs to contribute. Even if its just posting a trade a week, thats fine i think.

I am not much a day trader myself.

pythagoruz said...

But I have to warn you, they aren't fond of bears in there. Naturally, I get on their nerves sometimes since most of my trades nowadays are on the short side. I have found my self on the other side of a trade from other members at times.

Most of the traders in #potd focus on the long side but I'm sure that will change. At least I hope so.