Saturday, August 08, 2015

Saturday Rock Blog: (The S&P 500 Keeps Lifting) Higher and Higher

The trend is clear: yep, still UP! Recent consolidation in the markets looks like yet another great buying opportunity in this ~7 yr bull market. For those who claim the market has to eventually top, typically, the best gains of a bull market come at the beginning and the end. Besides, secular bull markets don't end with interest rates at 0% and energy hella cheap. The S&P-tracking ETF SPY seems to be targeting about $245. If I'm wrong, SPY will spend a few weeks below its rising 40 week moving average, currently $206.50, and the 10 week average, currently $209 will cross under. The party at the end of the bull market hasn't even begun yet, staying long here. Disclosure: I'm not long SPY, but plenty of other stuff. Love the small caps.