Sunday, October 30, 2011

AAPL year-to-date performance vs popular ETFs

Disclosure: No positions, but maybe soon.

Market retraces to its (declining) 200 dma

Back at the end of July, when the small caps first broke their (then rising) 200 day moving average (dma), I'm sure many hoped that the market would bounce back and rally to new highs. After all, a rising 200 dma should be a solid bastion of support/resistance in a secular trend. Since losing the 200 dma, the market leading small caps (IWM above) have been mostly range bound but ~25% lower than July prices. IWM did pierce the bottom end of the Fall range at the beginning of the epic October rally we just saw. In the final days of October, with the resolution (apparently) of the Greek problem with the default/bailout deal, the small caps broke up above of the Fall range. Will the breakout hold? Can the market retake and hold its ~200 dma? One thing is certain, the IWM 200 dma (and other index ETFs!) is now declining in value and as we approach it, expect resistance. Selling off from here would be characteristic of a bear market. In fact, many indications are the we began a new bear market in July/August. We shall see...

I have been too busy to monitor the market much lately (hence the infrequent posts), but one thing that has really caught my attention is the action in AAPL. Maybe its that the stock keeps pushing an eye popping $420 ($390B market cap) or just morbid curiosity following the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs. How much influence did Mr Jobs have on AAPL's stellar success of the past 7 years (4000% gain in the stock) and will his successors be able to keep up the growth? At any rate, a number of technical indications are looking bearish on the shorter term time scale while the long term uptrend clearly remains in tact. Note the rising 200 dma, which has acted like support. I wouldn't give shorts in AAPL much slack, $410-420 seems like a good line in the sand. Watch AAPL's behavior near its rising 50 day and 200 day moving averages.

Disclosure: I plan to initiate a put position against AAPL and perhaps IWM in the next few days.

Saturday, October 01, 2011