Sunday, December 03, 2017

Sunday Rock Blog: Last Friday Night in DC

With stocks set to 'melt up' into the end of 2017 in the most epic 'Santa Claus' rally of all time, the market is beautifully bullish charts galore. There's almost no point in posting a chart because they all look like great buys. Its is truly a sight to behold and one of those rare times when unbridled 'uber mega bullishness' is warranted.
Ok I'll say it, we are in a bubble! The problem with bubbles is that they get better and better until they don't, and when they don't its a massacre. So enjoy it while it lasts! Will it last into 2018? Almost certainly. Will it pop in 2018? Maybe. No one knows, but I want to see interest rates alot higher, and the actual effects of fiscal stimulus felt, before I will call a top.

Anyone who wants to call a top here based on charts should simply look at bitcoin and ask themselves where the top was. I do think we are in for a lot more upside here, especially now that congress is finally getting its act together. With the passage of the most significant fiscal stimulus in 30 years, the markets should have support to rip higher into 2018. The bars and houses in DC Republican homes must have been quite the party on Friday night, after the bill finally passed at 2am ET.

Disclosure: I own calls on SPY, IWM, QQQ, and many other stocks.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Saturday Rock Blog: Happy Birthday ICE

ICE went public on Nov. 16th, 2005 at a split-adjusted price of $5.2. With ICE currently in the $66 range, it's rallied almost 1200% in the past twelve years!

WOW! The company has really delivered on growth.

It still looks bullish to me. Disclosure: I own ICE calls.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Saturday Rock Blog: Bull Market Thriller

Disclosure: I own IWM calls. Market looks gorgeous, gotta be long in times like these. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saturday Rock Blog: Shipping Up to Boston (BSX)

Disclosure: I have no position in BSX currently. Looks bullish.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday Rock Blog: Big Poppa (Q's)

This market is just, wow. Amazing. Seems to be just getting started again. The 1.5 yr pattern on the weekly QQQ chart above targets about $143, which is about 10% higher. Many folks, now convinced the rally is real, want a pullback so they can get in. I see this running away from them, with the rally intensifying. People will start to panic buy and then we'll form a capitulation top. Still not there yet. Watch for several >2% up days in a row. Disclosure: I own QQQ calls. Good luck!