Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saturday Rock Blog: Meatstick > Auld Lang Syne

Happy 2011 all! I hope you all had as much fun reigning in the new year as I did (I was at this incredible show at Madison Square Gardens, NYC). I'll get back to posting charts soon.


chintan shah said...

HI Hunter,

Happy NEw year!

Whats up?

I have been admitted to this program and right now waiting for offer letter.

Cranfield is just 50 miles away from london so I guess it will really help me to talk with various trading firms.

Marshall Lynch said...

very nice new year song.i love this song.
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pythagoruz said...

Hey Chintan, good to hear from you and congrats! It looks like you got into a great program. I'm in the final stages of job hunting myself and am hoping to have something secured in the next month or so. This is why I haven't had much time to post lately. Happy New Year! -py

chintan shah said...

So you are looking for a role in HF industry or something else?

Cranfield has nice program and I am sure it will help me to make career in HF industry.

pythagoruz said...

I'll be doing postdoctoral research on solar cells at a national lab. I'm not really interested in working in the finance industry anymore.