Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Rock Blogging: Psycho Killer


tooquiet said...

I am pretty sure that is Xerxes on the bass there!

Sure was a freaky Friday with the spike up after that news release hit the wires. Just my luck I was away from the office for an hour, but damn lucky I had some limit orders in place to save my sorry ass.

With this coil in the ultimate wedgie I'm thinking we may see some more funny stuff this week when those reports come out and I'll lean towards shorts/puts on housing, financials & my buddy SPY, with tight stops.

I'm sure every trader and their mothers will be ready to move on any there or be square!



pythagoruz said...

Ha, well there's a chick on bass, I think you meant the second guitar? They really jam this one good.

Yeah that "bailout" news on cnbc late Friday is a complete joke. First of all if some banks loan ABK 3B more so they don't have to take even bigger write downs its not a "bailout." CNBC pumped this late Friday as if it were bigger news than it really was. Furthermore, its a rumor, what ever happened to reporting the facts!?

I think it was more of a case of the bulls putting up a fight. The charts were breaking down and the bulls needed to try and support where it will be alot easier to be productive. Many non-financial related stocks popped big late Friday which tells me the bulls aren't willing to give up yet.