Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Rock Blog: The Lizards

Hey folks, this was supposed to be last Saturday's rock blog but there seems to have been a big problem with the blogspot network over the weekend. So this scheduled post did not get posted when it was supposed to. Anyways, it was just a video of the best band in the land. I saw a few stellar shows last weekend in the Midwest. It turns out that they played this song (The Lizards) on Saturday night and I was blown away by it to say the least. Phish is back! More details on this great news:

"Amidst a deluge and lightening storms surpassing the intensity of Raleigh ’97, the first real Phish show of the modern era happened at Deer Creek"
Phish Bust Out Rarities, Kids for Unique Father’s Day Gig
Phish energizes sold-out Alpine crowd
This band is back (YEM video clip)
Review: Reunited Phish makes triumphant return
Springsteen Joins Phish to Close Out Electric Bonnaroo 2009

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming: trying to glean a hint of which way the feds are gonna scam this market by analyzing charts. To be honest, I'm getting pretty burnt out following this "anything but free" market. Its become more and more clear that this joke that we called a free market two years ago is just a government funded casino that we all know is gonna collapse but haven't a clue when. After getting back from a very relaxing, distracting and sun filled vacation, here are some of the headlines I ran into that jolted me back to reality:

"Uhhhhh.... Ben? (Blatantly Unlawful Acts?)"
Chicago Eyesore: Construction halted at 26/90 stories
Commercial real-estate prices fell 8.6% in April
"A number of banks" Suspend TARP Dividends
Goldman to make record bonus payout
Insider Selling Outpaces Buying By 22x

Peter Schiff: "The American financial system imploded for two reasons: cheap money and moral hazard - both of which were supplied by the government. Under the proposed new regulatory structures, these toxic ingredients will be combined in ever-increasing quantities."

Joke of the day: President Obama said Tuesday that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had done a good job handling the financial crisis

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