Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Chart a Day #3: United Breaks Charts (UAUA)

If you're like me then anytime you hear news about a company (or watch a cheesy viral youtube video about it) you wonder what the chart looks like. The "fundamentals" or the news is always secondary to the chart. Obviously, United breaking some dude's guitar is not exactly bankrupting news but just the mention of United makes me think "I wonder what that pos stock chart looks like." And sure enough, there always something interesting in the charts of crap companies like United (bankrupted just 5yrs ago). The first thing that catches my eye is the scale of the three year chart. Last year UAUA staged a 470% rally in less than two months! Of course it gave that all up, but it was a nice looking "v-bottom" while it lasted. So thats what "v-bottoms" look like, cool, I'll have to write that one down. I don't really have a clue what UAUA will do in the short run, it could collapse through multi-year lows or rally back up into the triangle. Long term this stock has bankruptcy written all over it, compare it to any competitor.

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