Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bankers: "The recession is over"


Anonymous said...

congrats pyth,you got the point,we'll see decline next week,i already shorted that bastard gs in friday. nice chart, thank you. -amin-

tooquiet said...

Hey Pyth, cool cartoon. I'd be in there with floaties on!!

Here's a couple good youtubers that I agree with, that not only is the recession not over, when the next shoe drops, it will be a steel toed boot:

and .

So I'm looking to go really short, not that size has anything to do with it ;-)


tooquiet said...

Judging by the headlines in Europe that "its over" I think we will go higher in the short term and then see a huge dive in September or October.
I'm with Peter Schiff on this for sure.

Anonymous said...

pyth, double bottoms pattern on skf,don't miss it.thanks you