Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrong! (QQQQ is going to be 10% off)

When I'm wrong I'll be the first to admit it and boy was I wrong about the broad market the past few months. I was seeing IWM diverge and the Q's roll over at the top of a broadening wedge (see above). Given the general expectation that Q1 will involve a hefty correction in stocks I thought that maybe this move would start in December or sooner. Wrong! My "out there" prediction is going to turn out incorrect by miles (Q's hit $40.50 by xmas). Fortunately I've done well on other positions like the Australian dollar short and JASO so my Christmas spirit will remain in tact! lol. For whatever its worth, I do still believe a severe and sharp correction in stocks is coming and I am not discouraged really at all by the recent breakout in the Q's.

Disclosure: I am slowly adding to a put position in QQQQ.

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