Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JASO's got it!

Investors who took heed last month when I recommended buying JASO before it broke out of its solid five month base did well today. After breaking out last week, JASO soared 10% the past two days in a row. As is often the case, the breakout preceded the extremely bullish news released last night by the company. JASO remains my favorite public stock in the solar energy sector and has been so for about two years now, I don't expect this to change anytime soon. While I am impressed by the recent action I expect that the stock will pullback as we approach options expiration Friday. It has closed above it's upper BB two days in a row which is not sustainable and the open intetrest on December $5 strike calls is huge. A great place to enter/add JASO would be the lower $5's later this week.

Disclosure: I own JASO stock but sold Dec $5 calls against it today.


Anonymous said...

awesome call!

pythagoruz said...


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed - great call Pyth.