Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday Rock Blog: Wildfire

The S&P 500, 3 month, daily:XLF (Financial sector ETF), 6 month, daily:


pythagoruz said...

Maybe this week's rock blog should have been MC Hammer.

chintan shah said...

Here is profile of another hedgie Daniel Loeb.

Loeb & griffin have same credentials,
In 1997 loeb had about 13 years wall street experience, still struggling to gather assets for his start-up hedge fund.Where griffin was managing 1b$ in '97.

Loeb is a discretionary trader where griffin made his fortune in computer driven COnv Arb .

So conclusion we can make is with computer driven strategies,one can strike in this industry in young age .Noone really trusts young discretionary traders!

there are basically 5 computer driven trading strategies in my opinion :

1 Fixed income arb(LTCM )
2 COnv ARb(Citadel,OChziff)
3 Stat Arb(DE Shaw )
4 CTA (REn tec,AHL,Winton)
5 high freq trading (Getco,Tradebot)

Which One Do you like?

I like 2,3&4.

chintan shah said...

Whats your opinion about HF opportunities in toronto vs london?

pythagoruz said...

I honestly have no idea.

chintan shah said...

Its Ok!

pythagoruz said...


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